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Bossett Wiki

Research & Positions

To store all the material I put together regarding specific positions, arguments, controversies, etc. Not necessarily *my* positions.


Games I'm playing, notes, goals, etc.


Anything not fitting somewhere else.







Spaghetti Factory

Games Factorio

Rough goals No bus No hyper-optimisation Get to spidertron Current tasks Get to Logistics chests Fix Iron (will need landfill) Figure out what's wrong with science - it's BLUE CIRCUITS Defences for all outposts & smelter Remake mall based on req...

Things to check out

General Snippets

Apps Cryptopaste -

Factory Ideas

Games Factorio

Factory-in-factory Factory Using Factorissimo, build a factory that minimises any construction built outside Vanilla+ A set of QoL mods - like long reach, logistic manager, squeak through, etc. - nothing too overhaul-y. Ratios Using production-reporting f...

Basic Designs

Games Factorio

Basic Smelter

Factorissimo on rails, to space

Games Factorio

Mod List Game Factorissimo Space Exploration Loader Redux Waterfill QoL Squeak Through Alien Biomes Afraid of the Dark Helmod

Using OBS for audio processing in Discord and Streaming

General Guides

This guide is a minimalist approach to using OBS to process audio for both streaming and voice calls using Discord (or similar software). It uses OBS to take in a raw mic signal, process it using Reaper's free audio processing tools, and outputs to a virtual a...

Getting professional-sounding microphone processing across your whole system

General Guides

This guide is an approach to clean up the signal coming from your mic across your whole system. It uses EqualizerAPO to take in a raw mic signal and process it using Reaper's free audio processing tools. The settings used are designed for real-time audio - th...

Sharing camera between OBS and Discord

General Guides

This is a small guide that walks through setting up a virtual camera scene in OBS that will be transmitted to Discord (or other applications). The camera sent to Discord will contain your camera and any other items you want to include (such as your name, etc.)...

How not to get too doxxed

General Guides

Just bolting together some specific advice about how to keep your online identity away from your personal life. It's not a comprehensive guide, and is really just aimed at limiting the damage. It is very unlikely that you will be able to clean up every breadcr...